Thursday, April 6, 2017

EXP2 Client Concepts

Vo Trong Nghia
Tradition brings warmth to contemporary architecture
Architecture mimics natural elements and cultural values
Architecture is a response to the qualities and characteristics of natural materials
The distance between nature and architecture can change people’s experience
Dissolve the distinction between the interior and exterior

Carlo Scarpa
Complexity meets simplicity
Be honest with your material use
The space between is more important
Integration of the old and new creates harmony
Monolithic architecture becomes refined in the detail


  1. Hi Chris,

    For this weeks independent task we were meant to build one pair of axonometric in google sketchup, then intersect them. I was wondering if we were able to scale and skew one of the two axonometrics? Thanks! (Katrina Wu)

    1. Hi Katrina. Yes you can, in fact its probably necessary in order to get the proportions working for the design! Chris.